As follow-up of past projects Mikado and Art Wood, the Orto furniture line relies on a tried and proven structural design principle: horizontal boards are held up and locked by skewed poles. The use of this principle on the small […]

Located in the middle of a rooftop garden, the conference room in Science Tower overlooks the city of Graz. In order to highlight its key role in the building, the top floor was laid out as a multifunctional room hosting […]

Within the Design to Business project Customized Fences, three design teams were comissioned to reconsider contemporary fencing for the Styrian fencing manufacturer H+S Zauntechnik. Acting as interface between public and private space, the three dimensional Framework holds both conventional and […]

The cutting board is milled from a solid piece of wood, hence free from glue. Two parallel, bevelled surfaces across from each other form a handle on the bottom and a pocket top side. The handle allows for single-handed operation […]

When illuminating the central access of Chirurgie Graz it was a primary task to keep the forecourt clear of poles and bollards. Therefore the whole area is lit by only four luminaires located on the surrounding buildings. Two integrated into […]

A basic dining table for eight persons. Its calm and solid appearance brings into focus the both visually and haptically appealing composition of material. The selected woods of the frame enclose an inlay out of stone, which serves as trivet […]

The design installation Art Wood was a contribution to the dev9t festival 2017 in Belgrade. The 30 sqm pavilion was set up on a pile of debris in a former brickyard and based on a structural design principle that allows […]

During the Designmonat Graz 2017 the Creative Industries Styria announced the project Smart Urban Furniture. Five teams were commissioned to design prototypes of temporary places of retreat for public spaces, with an emphasis on the use of wood. Mikado is […]

Rediscovering the table light: The original concept merges athmospheric illumination with maximum energy efficiency for office lighting. By the seperation of basic and workplace illumination it allows for a differentiated and individually adjustable distribution of light at a lower energy […]

In 2014 SFL technologies was comissioned by the municipal authorities (MA33) to develop the new pedestrian guidance system (Fußgängerleitsystem) for Mariahilferstraße, the main shopping street in the city of Vienna. The technical requirements were challenging, insofar as the stele needed […]