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Orto 53

As follow-up of past projects Mikado and Art Wood, the Orto furniture line relies on a tried and proven structural design principle: horizontal boards are held up and locked by skewed poles. The use of this principle on the small scale results in a shelving system which allows for flat-pack delivery and tool-free mounting.

As the smallest of its kind in a series of projects, Orto translates this structural principle to a domestic scale. Its spatial structure establishes a sculpural, but also functional container for precious and everyday objects. As the construction relies on exact positioning of the poles, coloured MDF was chosen as material for the horizontal boards – contrasting with the hue of poles and topside made out of beech.

Orto 53 – One Minute Teaser
Orto 53 – Assembly Instructions

zweithaler - Orto Keysketch
zweithaler - orto manufacturing

Industrial robots ensure precise positioning and rotation of holes, photo Miriam Raneburger

In order to speed up the design process, the structure was computed with Grasshopper for Rhinoceros 3D. The parametrically configurable algorithm allows to intuitively run through different variations for fine tuning and proportioning. Just like the assistance of machines is vital for the design process, they are also needed for manufacturing: the structural principle relies on precise positioning and rotation of the holes, which can only be achieved by industrial robots in reasonable time.

zweithaler - orto detail

Orto 53 shelving system, photos Günther Linshalm

The furniture line was developed in cooperation with Mutamo, a partner for independent low-volume production. Its design is tweaked for regional production and sustainable packaging and shipment. Orto 53 ist the first piece of this series, followed by Orto 72 which is planned to be published midsummer 2019, also on Mutamo.

Orto 53 ist part of the Unesco World Wide Things Collection.

zweithaler - orto interior

Orto 53 was developed in cooperation with Mutamo

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