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When illuminating the central access of Chirurgie Graz it was a primary task to keep the forecourt clear of poles and bollards. Therefore the whole area is lit by only four luminaires located on the surrounding buildings. Two integrated into the facade of the main entrance and two in the form of cantilevers on top of the opposing building – the Kalmar.

The integrated Zumtobel Supersystem Outdoor allows for an even light distribution despite the few luminairs. Its configuration of movable narrow and wide beam spots is individually adjusted to the local conditions.

zweithaler - Kalmar Levels of Illumination

The whole forecourt is illuminated by 4 luminairs only (Photo by Paul Ott)

The design of Kalmar is results from the integration of these spots into a projecting tube construction. The cantilevers pivot back for maintenance from the roof.

zweithaler - Kalmar Chirurgie Graz

Photo by Paul Ott

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