zweithaler - Framework Header

Within the Design to Business project Customized Fences, three design teams were comissioned to reconsider contemporary fencing for the Styrian fencing manufacturer H+S Zauntechnik.

Acting as interface between public and private space, the three dimensional Framework holds both conventional and possible future modules while guaranteeing a uniform appearance.

zweithaler - Framework Frame

zweithaler - Framework Render

Concept Rendering with wooden cladding: 1 Entrance | 2 Mail and Parcels | 3 Gate | 4 Bins

The outcome of Customized Fences was exhibited in the form of prototypes at the Design Monat 2018. In order to express and explain the conceptual character of  Framework, the prototype was reduced to a minimalist installation. The frames, positioned in a typical configuration but without the modules, hold an information panel that depicts the manifold modules and claddings of the fencing system.

Opening during Design Monat Graz, photos by Miriam Raneburger

Designed for H+S Zauntechnik GmbH