zweithaler - Art Wood Design Installation
Art Wood

The design installation Art Wood was a contribution to the dev9t festival 2017 in Belgrade. The 30 sqm pavilion was set up on a pile of debris in a former brickyard and based on a structural design principle that allows for its destinctive design. It is a follow-up of the street furniture Mikado.

The design is based on a structural principle where the top panel is held up and statically locked by poles that are put through at varying angles. Due to the frictional forces the construction does not have to be reinforced with screws, bolts or other fittings and may be quickly erected by two persons.

The lightweight top panel consists of OSB boards stuffed with the 1:1 blueprints used for their fabrication on-site, whereas black steel tubes serve as poles.

zweithaler - Art Wood Early Concept

Interior perspective with red bench for scale

The arrangement of the poles organizes the space below the roofing. Rooms, walls, aisles, squares or even atria may be formed by accumulation and scattering of the vertical structure, creating a captivating spatial experience. It is meant to host objects as well as to serve as a space for communication and encounter.

Depending on the context of construction, the pavilion can be built in various sizes and layouts - the modular concept allows for successive extension. As the poles are simply slid through the roofing their actual height adapts to the site topography, enabling the pavilion to be set up on uneven terrain.

zweithaler - Art Wood Design Installation

The Art Wood installation was set up in cooperation with Kunstverein Roter Keil.
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