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2T01 Table

A basic dining table for eight persons. Its calm and solid appearance brings into focus the both visually and haptically appealing composition of material. The selected woods of the frame enclose an inlay out of stone, which serves as trivet with a compartment beneath.


This is part of the label 2T0X.

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The origin of a table

key considerations

zweithaler-2T01 Value Added Chain

Grown in the domestic forests of Austria, solid wood is a well-established material in furniture making for its characteristics and sustainability. For the 2T01 table it is processed by regional sawmills and cabinet makers and distributed in local stores, ensuring short transportation routes and regional value creation.


zweithaler - 2T01 Materials2


zweithaler - 2T01 Materials2


In order to blend in with various interiors, the wooden frame comes in three different hardwoods and oilings; whitish ash, rustic oak and dark nut. Depending on the choice of wood and personal preference it may be combined with whether slate or ceramics for the inlay.

zweithaler - 2T01 Top View Oak

For the sake of homogeneity the tabletop is processed from a single piece of lumber. It is cut into selected pieces and put together in the signature shape framing the inlay, which serves as trivet with a compartment beneath.

When taken out, the tiles may also serve as tray.

bold rustic oak / light whitish ash

height: 740 mm
length: 2.080 mm / 2.490 mm
width: 1.000 mm
thickness: light / bold
frame: ash / oak / nut
inlay: slate / ceramic

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